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The familiar obstacles from earlier incarnations of the game return, and more familiar ones appear on each successive level. All the while, you must avoid getting hit by a car, landing in the water, standing for too long on a sinking turtle, jumping on a snake, or simply taking too darn long to get the frog from Point A to Point B.

The artwork has been modernized, but remains satisfyingly cartoony.

Parents say

It must be said, though, that the image you see when your frog takes a major misstep is undoubtedly the most graphic amphibian death in the history of the iPhone. Kermit would have nightmares. The original arcade version of Frogger required only a single joystick, since you could only ever move in one direction at a time, one frog-sized block at a time.

By default, you control the frog by sliding; the direction you slide your finger propels the frog the same way. The second method, tapping, fails to work around the obscuring issue as nicely, since you need to tap specifically on the proper edge of the screen to move the frog in that direction. But if you stick with sliding, Frogger rocks.

Frogger for iPhone

Users now seem to be appeased, since there really was nothing wrong with the app that earned such poor reviews. Frogger is a ipod touch game that we all know and love.

Buy it from the App Store and start getting hooked on getting Frogger safely to shore all over again! Buy this Frogger App for iphone and ipod touch here!

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