Iphone battery saving tips 2013

1. Figure out what's sucking your battery.

Push email is another perennial battery drain, albeit less so. Normally I set all accounts to receive updates manually i. Turn off Location Services and Frequent Locations.

Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan

This is a big one, as hitting the iPhone's GPS constantly can blaze through your battery. Many apps don't need to know your whereabouts, especially in the background. Another one to be aware of is Frequent Locations, a relatively new feature that tracks where you are most often in order for apps to send you targeted ads; aside from being annoying, it also drains battery. From Location Services, scroll down to Frequent Locations and turn it off. Check for software updates. Software updates will often contain fixes that enhance battery life.

The old power-saving standbys still help. You can still do all the basic, old-school things to improve battery life, such as reducing screen brightness, disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and so on.

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The one that helps most here, in my experience, is screen brightness, but you still need to crank it up to see the Retina Display in bright sunlight. Consider a battery case or an add-on battery. Battery cases from Kensington, Mophie, and other manufacturers combine a hardware enclosure, which protects your phone, with an extended battery that can double your iPhone's endurance. PCMag Live: Cortana vs. Google Now vs.

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6 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life That Actually Work

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Cell Phones Cortana vs. Get Our Best Stories! Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. You should also always use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible too, as that offers a more stable connection and will stop all that battery-abusing searching for a signal.

8 iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks

Some apps will spam you with pointless news. How many of the notifications you get do you actually want to see? In most cases, very few. Every one of them is sucking down some battery life, so cut them off at the source. Then choose 'none' under the alert style, and turn 'badge icon' and 'sounds' off. Set the brightness as low as you can and only adjust it up when needed and you'll save a decent chunk of power — although this might mean you can't always see your phone screen in direct sunlight.

You don't need dynamic backgrounds and parallax, '3D' effects.

20+ Tips to Improve iOS 12 Battery Life!

They're fun but they're munching your power. Allowing apps to refresh themselves like this is a big drain on your battery. Go down the list and turn off everything you don't need - Facebook in particular can drain your battery really quickly.

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  • 1. Identify culprits.

These apps still refresh when you actually load them up, which is a lot more efficient for your battery. There's some argument about the benefits of push email arriving when sent versus fetch the phone checks at pre-agreed intervals , and it really depends on how much email you get and how often you have it syncing. Push should only send from the server when a mail comes in, and it will be more power efficient than checking every five minutes with fetch, but if you get a lot of email then push could drain the battery faster than fetch with a slower refresh time of an hour.

Assuming you're only going to check your email once every couple of hours, getting it manually is going to save you power over both options… but you'll have to actually remember to do it!