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This is a great nature themed wallpaper especially if you want to include the magic associated with butterflies into it. Here's another cool one if you are into cars and bikes. It also adds great contrast to your device's screen. This is a great representation of the cartoon character. You will love it if you loved the cartoon movie and subsequent TV series. Fans of the Vampire Diaries TV show will enjoy this one. It is a great addition to your Vampire Diaries Memorabilia. Plus it just looks great on your device's screen. Here's another great wallpaper if you enjoy cartoon themed ones.

It is a simple but great representation of the all-time Cartoon series Hit. This is a cool wallpaper to have if you would rather use ironic quotes to make a point or you don't want to have an image that takes up your entire screen. This is a brilliant nature wallpaper that depicts a snow covered mountain and its reflection on a nearby lake. If you are fascinated by space, this is a really well detailed depiction of outer space.

The fact that it also adds a variety of colour to your screen is an added advantage. Still on the outer space theme, this is a great addition to your space collection.

Best Free Live Wallpapers for Android - Updated - As a Single Page

It depicts a solar eclipse like you are never to see it again. This one is a great image to add to your screen. All the stars look like they are really shining brightly, adding a magical touch to your collection.

Thanks to technology, we are able to feast our eyes upon 3D images. Here are the best 3D wallpaper for Android for you to use this year! Want to upgrade your Android device in the new year? Here are the latest wallpaper for android to help you do that. Is it not frustrating to find that an awesome HD wallpaper for Android is chargeable?

Here is a roundup of 30 free HD wallpapers for Android! Getting ready for Valentine's Day? Here are the top love wallpaper for Android to get you in the mood. Jul 29, You are visiting computer data recovery page, if you want to recover your mobile data, please visit Dr.

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AMAZING 4D Wallpapers For Your Android Phone!

The wallpapers are of great quality although you may not be fully aware of how to download them- the information on size is lacking. This website also reviews android related software. This one contains thousands of Android wallpapers for all Android devices. The wallpapers are well arranged to make it easy for you to find- you just have to locate your preferred category.

This is another great resource for great android wallpapers. The wallpapers are beautiful and well designed. The only problem is that they are not organized into categories and they are mostly of the abstract theme.

Android wallpaper pictures & stock photos

This one has one of the most beautiful wallpaper collections that we have seen. They also offer wallpapers for other devices but they give users an easy way of identifying their device and the size of wallpaper for the device. This site offers a huge selection of wallpapers that users can easily access. It can also be used to create custom made wallpapers using a set of backgrounds, colours and texts.

This one is a neat collection of wallpapers that are well arranged to allow users to easily find what they are looking for.

23 Gorgeous Wallpapers To Prettify London Lovers’ Phones

The site also has a wide range of wallpapers to choose from. Creating an account allows you to easily download the wallpapers. This one offers a wide range of wallpapers to choose from as well as themes and ringtones. The site is very neat and well organised making it easy for you to access the wallpapers you want.

This site provides users with artwork that can fit an android device. Searching is not very hard because the wallpapers are very well arranged. This one boasts incredible wallpapers with great colour and design. This is a site that is famous for 3D wallpapers. Not all of them are free, you need to subscribe to get some of the wallpapers. The free ones are however very easy to gain access to and a well arranged according to category.

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This is a great resource for free live wallpapers. There is a great collection of wallpapers to choose from although not all of them are free. There are also a few static wallpapers in different categories to choose from. This is a great resource for all wallpapers in different categories for Android users. There are so many to choose from since it is a fully dedicated wallpaper website.

The wallpapers are easily accessible and completely free. Although it offers a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, this site also offers themes and ringtones. It is beautifully set-up with a lot of categories to choose from. Customizable background and effects. Sparkle Live Wallpaper Sparkling particles moving around and to the spots you touched on the screen, in configurable colors.

Photile Live Wallpaper Turn any picture you choose into a grid of floating and fading tiles, with a shockwave of ripples when you touch. Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper Let your wallpaper become a slideshow of your photos with image effects, layouts and at a time interval you set. Live Wallpaper Get Androids and other shapes floating on a background with lots of settings such as color, opacity, amount, physics and effects.

Xperia Z Live Wallpaper A beautiful artistic background with interactive floating particles inspired by the Sony Xperia Z device, ads only in settings. Movies Live Wallpapers. Nature Live Wallpapers. Panoramic Screen Create stunning 3D panoramas from background images of your choice with sensors support and dynamic ripple effect. Rain Live Wallpaper Realistic raindrops on glass with adjustable density, size and speed, background image and scrolling effects. Beautiful Live Weather Decorate your wallpaper with the sun and moon according to their position in the sky, and animated grass on the ground.

Beach LWP Watch seagulls flying through the sky, dolphins jumping in the ocean, and palm tree swaying with the breeze, and more. Green Live Wallpaper Nice green animated wallpaper with tree leaves gently moving in the wind. Changeable leaf types. MaryJane Live Wallpaper A classy and simplistic live wallpaper featuring weed.

It's green and soothing to your eyes for daily use. Bamboo Forest Live Wallpaper A cool and serene live wallpaper of waving bamboo trees with shafts of light emitting from above. Sakura Live Wallpaper Soothing sakura with interactive falling leaves, free 4 themes and 2 types. Blooming Night Live Wallpaper A beautiful blooming night scene featuring flowers and birds, with a choice of themes, flower colors and effects. Psychedelic Prairie LWP Floating clouds with background windmills, touch-and-shake interactive objects and a hot-air balloon showing battery usage.

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Celtic Garden Free A serene, calming garden scene with a charming fountain and a Celtic flare to brighten your day wherever you go. Shamrock Live Wallpaper Tap or drag fireflies on a background of shamrocks, configurable type, size, speed and number, with gravity and sound effects. Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper A spectacular show of storm clouds, lightning and rain. Biomechanical Bog Free A biomechanical tree sits amid a brooding atmosphere while playful wisps reveal and hide themselves among the mist and rain. Waterize Lite Live Wallpaper Touch the screen and feel a cool water effect to the background of rocks, ice or the sky.

Water Drops Live Wallpaper Touch to add drops to a pool background and enjoy a lively simulation of water drops. Season Live Wallpapers. New Year Fireworks Enjoy fireworks on your screen with adjustable scene colors, optional sound, fireworks amount and colors. Season Zen Free Enjoy Spring in a peaceful Sakura park surrounded by the blossoming of new life in this awesome 3D live wallpaper.

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My Beach Free Spend a relaxing summer day when waves frothing up your private beach and clouds floating in the air. Autumn live wallpaper Enjoy this live wallpaper with leaves falling off the trees, with smooth animation and interaction. Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper Gentle snowflakes fall overtop swaying pine trees and responds when you change homescreens. Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Turn to a festive mode using this wallpaper with sound effects, fully customizable and free.