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iPhone 3GS review

Page load test was amount of time it took to load nytimes. Numerous iPhone developers complained about the extremely tight memory conditions in previous iPhone OS devices, which led to slowdowns and plenty of app crashes. With the iPhone 3GS, those apps have twice as much room to breathe. The result should be a faster and more stable system. But more important, the iPhone 3GS is just better when it comes to graphics. The end result: Sony and Nintendo, be warned. The original iPhone included a mediocre 2-megapixel still camera.

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With still subjects in well-lit areas it produces nice results. In general I found the images from the iPhone 3GS to be clearer, with brighter colors and sharper definition.

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If that object is in a darker or lighter area of the frame, the camera will also adjust to make sure that location is properly exposed, even if that means other areas of the frame will be blown out or left in darkness. The new camera also allows you to take pictures of close-up objects—a test that previous iPhone cameras utterly failed. In many countries grabbing a bar code with your cell phone in order to get more information about a product on a billboard or in a magazine has become a somewhat common activity; personal-inventory apps such as Delicious Library could also benefit from integration with the new camera.

To shoot video, you flip the Camera app into video mode by touching a small switch in the corner of the screen and press the big red button. However, the audio recorded by the iPhone 3GS was excellent, far better than the frankly awful quality of the PowerShot. Bottom line: If you want better-quality video, you probably want a dedicated video camera, ideally one that can shoot in high definition. Videos appear in the same grid as still images, but with a small strip at the bottom of their thumbnail image with a small movie-camera icon and an indication of how long the clip is.

ProCamera 2.1 Zoom for OS 3.0 on iPhone 3G and 3GS

When you tap on a video, you can choose to play the video or, via a film strip that appears at the top of the screen, trim it by dragging the beginning and end points to different locations. You should be able to undo trims or have the option to duplicate a clip so you can create multiple versions. And—pie-in-the-sky feature request here—have the ability to attach several clips together to make one mini-movie. Uploading was surprisingly fast and easy. Superior white balance and contrast generally make for pictures with blacker blacks rather than grays, and stronger tones.

Evolution of the iPhone camera, from the original to the iPhone 6

A new focus system enables you to take macro images—close ups are recommended from 10cm or more away, but work from 5 or 6cm distances—and also makes the camera concentrate on objects that are nearby rather than ones that are in the background. Low-light performance is still a challenge, but somewhat better than before. Macro photography and high-contrast black and white images look a thousand times better, as detail is concerned, with the iPhone 3GS than with either prior iPhone. We would never give up our real cameras for the 3GS—zoom, flash, low-light performance, and other options make them indispensible—but it has taken a few big steps beyond its predecessors.

One of those steps is in adding video recording capabilities. Make no mistake: As with many such low-grade videos, they look better on an iPhone screen than on your computer. Apple enhances the video recording feature in two ways. First, you can trim your videos instantly after recording them by dragging start and end points through a miniature on-screen timeline.

Most of the time, however, they worked. In the event that your video is too long to send over your connection, the iPhone 3GS will show you how much of the video you can send by auto-imposing a movable trimming bar on your timeline. Additionally, the iPhone 3GS automatically compresses its native H.

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Oddly, QuickTime claimed that the frame rate of the e-mailed file was higher—closer to 30fps—than the full-sized one 15fps , with the MMS clip having a 10fps rate and a lower 8kHz audio sampling rate. Trimming and sending videos requires additional time and power; the iPhone said to expect a minute upload time when sending a maximum size video clip 15 minutes, x H.

YouTube videos wind up as x or x depending on orientation, with major artificating from compression. Overall, the iPhone 3GS offers a markedly improved photography experience over the iPhone and iPhone 3G, creating better still pictures and now videos, as well. That having been said, its overall performance in both regards is not enough to recommend it to serious or even semi-serious photographers as anything other than an instantly Internet-ready backup for a real camera; unfortunately, the lack of better Internet-ready real cameras may well wind up winning the iPhone 3GS more screen time than its limited lens and sensor combination would otherwise deserve.

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