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Angry Birds Space launches everywhere on Planet Earth except Windows Phone, Nokia

It's satisfying, yet completely familiar, and is heaps of pig-smashing fun. Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook: Important Message for Parents This game may include: The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand. Reviews Review Policy. We addressed some minor issues in order to improve the user experience. Thanks for playing, and keep popping those pigs! View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Rovio Entertainment Corporation See more. You can launch birds while objects are still moving after you last hit them.

This screen shot is from the iPad. In this screenshot from the iPhone version of Angry Birds Space, you can make your bird curve up, then down using the two gravity wells. The gravity wells also contain atmosphere. If you pop the bubble the top pig is in, it will be exposed to the cold of space and freeze. This shot is from the iPhone.

Despite his super-hero duds, Red is a plain old projectile bird just like the first game. When tapped, he will slightly adjust his course to zero-in on piggies.

Angry Birds Space Level 1-7 3-Star Walkthrough iPhone/iPod/iPad 41750

This is a kamikaze bird which will rocket at super speeds when you tap on the screen. Your tap makes a purple target, which the bird will dart towards. Despite its greatly increased velocity, the Lazer bird still won't do much damage to materials like stone and glass. It will rip through wood like it's wet paper, though, allowing you to quickly attack enemies buried deep within a structure. As always, this is a caustic bird, which explodes when you tap the screen. It creates shockwaves, destroying close blocks and birds, and causing objects to fly through space.

The birds blow up in their own time, but if you tap, you can explode them instantly. Remember, these guys are so heavy that they'll destroy even a large chunk of stone in just one hit. His new power lets him burn up any combustible materials wood, essentially in his blast radius. Just like in every other Angry Birds , this bird splits into three when you tap the screen. Think of these little guys like a shotgun.

Angry Birds Space – Cheats

You can make a scattershot early to hit a good range of targets, but ideally you want to release these fellows close to the target so all three birds will smash into a small area at once. That's how you inflict the most damage. In Space , the Blue Birds are particularly effective against ice.

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They'll rip through frozen water with ease. This big boy is a cosmic wrecking ball. A pot-bellied evolution of the classic red starter, Terence rips through wood and glass like butter, and can take out concrete without too much bother either.

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He has the destructive power of the Black bird, just without the explosive finale. His giant size makes it tough to squeeze into tight corners, but he can topple entire structures just by wiping out the bottom foundations. An all-new bird, specifically made for Angry Birds Space. This guy makes anything he touches turn into ice. A few seconds after he makes contact with a material, he'll explode into a cold cloud that freezes anything nearby. You can expedite that process by tapping the screen. He works best with Blue Birds and the game almost always gives you a Blue directly after an Ice bird because the Blue can smash ice easily.

Use them together to cause the most destruction.

Second level of Danger Zone won't unlock

This scrawny little bird might not look like much when he's sat in the catapult, but tap the screen post launch and he'll blow up like an inflatable dinghy. To get the most out of this blow-up bird, fire him into a tiny crevice or gap. Then, when he inflates he'll forcibly push everything around him, toppling massive structures in the process. Tap the icon, and a sardine can will appear in the slingshot.

Fire this into the pigs's fortress and a wormhole will appear. A massive space eagle will shoot out of it, destroying everything nearby. If you pop all the pigs, you'll unlock the next level. But there's also a secondary goal.

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Wreck as much of the stage as possible and you'll be given a percentage for total damage caused. If you score per cent, a little feather will appear over the level's icon on the stage select screen. But once those are used up, you'll have to shell out real world money to get more. Here's how much they cost:.

To buy them, tap on the Space Eagle icon when you run out.