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Notify me of new posts by email. Visual studio Product Key The application offers programmers with the entire tools required to develop a software right from scratch. The software supports several Windows application interface including Windows 7 up to the latest service pack, Windows 8, Windows Server and They are available for both bit and bit questions. What is the minimum specification to run the software?

The current hardware restrictions limit the budget computers and move into high-end devices. Such as the one with the processor speed, which is place 1. Usually, there is a RPM hard disk drive also available. For better graphics, DirectX 9 can offer the required graphic utility. Is the user interface customizable? Yes, it is customizable and user-friendly.

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One of the latest additions to the software is the ability to change the theme of the editor and add a style. The dark editor theme is preinstalled in the application and is a part of the resident line of themes for several reasons. Firstly, as the color is darker, there is lesser strain on the eyes while operating. The dark theme also brings out the color of every icon and makes the interface look sleek.

It also helps in reading text on a black background without any strain. There are numerous other styles available on studio styles, a database for all different Visual Studio styles.

2. Windows Registry

So dont be afraid to install it. And yeah Electric Plum rocks. Chip Burris. If you want to be able to do the trick that Scott blogged about in a previous post, launching multiple debuggers , and you want one ipad and one iphone.

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You need to make two copies of the application folder and reference each one separately. Tuesday, June 12, 3: Love it! Months ago I went to Apple looking into what it would take to test my site on an iPhone simulator. What I thought would be a simple download turned into a monstrosity of complexity, and I quickly abandoned the effort in favor of finding an actual device. Have yet to track down an iPad. An easy to use emulator would be a welcome addition! Tuesday, June 12, 9: Cool - this is what i need to do right now.

Visual Studio 2012 Product Key

How did we ever get anything done without nuget??? Nicholas Murray. Tuesday, June 12, 8: I was on the edge of buying Flash 6. Seeing as how I use VS all the time maybe that is the way to go. Nuget still bugs me trying to install Nuget.

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  7. John A Davis. Saturday, June 16, This is a superb information and you have described everything very clearly and really i got a lot from this article, Thanks for spreading this information here.. Jack Hussey. Wednesday, June 27, 5: Would definitely love to see this integrated into visual studio. Because right now I don't know how to test it without running macosx or using the iPhone. Basarat Ali Syed. Thursday, July 26, 2: Tuesday, October 02, 1: How do i install this in VS web express edition?

    I don't see this under extensions. I installed webmatrix2 and i don't see this option. Can you please share screenshots or steps to install the same in web express edition? Tuesday, October 09, 1: I've just installed webmatrix 2 and guess what I have to say that this is extremely annoying I've searched my entire C: Please please can you either be prepared to update posts such as this or dont bother giving the info - no use whatsoever if you can't find the thing in the first place. I also notice that the other individual that has had the same issue as myself has not had an answer in 9 days.

    Either way this is of no use if you cant install it following the instructions you've provided. Tuesday, October 09, 5: Darren - I've been blogging and offering free and I think useful information here for over a decade.

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    I can't always keep posts up to date. I'd appreciate your patience and kindness, when possible. You can search your hard drive as much as you like but I'd encourage you to go to the folder I suggested. I'm looking at C: Also, Google will also show you that you can download the ElectricPlum tools now and they'll integrate with VS directly. Scott Hanselman.

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    Friday, October 19, 3: Darren, simply create a new site in Web Matrix. Once you do that, you should easily figure out how to add the EPlum extensions. Tuesday, October 30, 5: Thanks Scott for all of the posts. We do appreciate them. But it is looking like ElectricPlum free version is no longer available.

    It didn't install with WebMatrix just now and if you look it up in VS extensions the link takes you to a error page. Wednesday, October 31, Hi Mary, sorry you are running into problem with the installation. Could you please provide more details on the Electric Plum "didn't install with WebMatrix"?

    Did the installation of the extension hang or result in any specific error? Thanks, Thao. Wednesday, November 14, 1: Thank you for this post! Its nice to have the option from Visual Studio.

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    I am using it for the iPad emulator However, this iPad emulator does not render the page exactly like an iPad. I am doing some specific things for iPad using CSS and canvas which do not seem to work the same way through the emulator as they do on an actual iPad. Someone needs to make an iPad simulator that uses Safari as its base browser engine.

    Wednesday, December 05, 9: I just installed WebMatrix 2. I think the issue darren was having was that unless you config windows to show the "hidden" files you wont see the AppData folder. I really hate that too.