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Drivers can check real-time traffic and get simple directions to just about anywhere. Even if you don't drive, walking and public transportation directions are available. With street view integration and a few other neat features, Maps is easily one of the most useful apps on the iPhone. While the iPhone has a few free turn-by-turn navigation apps and none of them are even encroaching on the territory of perfect , MapQuest4Mobile feels more like the real deal than any of the others.

In my personal experience I found it gave directions too late in quite a few cases, but it's hard to argue with free. If you want a commanding, computerized female voice barking directions at you occasionally after you've missed your exit , and you don't want to pay a lot for the privilege, you've found your match. If you're always on the lookout for cheap gas, GasBuddy will give you options by proximity and price. You can filter by fuel grade, and it can even help you find a diesel gas station [ Download ].

Movies Now:. If you've ever wanted to see a movie on a whim, Movies Now scratches that itch. While it handles regular movie showtimes, too, it's main function uses your location and the current time to find upcoming showtimes near you. If you find a movie you like, you can buy tickets through movietickets. The catch: While there are certainly free options in the movie showtimes arena like the IMDb app below , Movies Now has a great location-based twist. RunKeeper Free:. You have quite a few fitness apps to choose from on the iPhone. One of those happens to be RunKeeper, and lucky us, it has a great free version.

RunKeeper uses your iPhone's GPS to track your run and provide you with statistics, giving you the statistical benefits of a treadmill when you're outside the gym. It integrates with your music library and lets you share your activities. Find My iPhone:. Even if you're not a MobileMe subscriber, you've probably heard a bit about Find My iPhone in the news.

It's already tracked down a few iPhone thieves, but is probably more commonly used when you've just misplaced your phone. The app, and accompanying MobileMe account are now free from Apple. You can even sign up to find your iPad, or iPod Touch.

Would it truly be a Lifehacker Pack without file-syncing app extraordinaire Dropbox? While the iPhone version of Dropbox isn't quite as useful as Dropbox on your computer, it makes for a nice companion. If you're using Dropbox for all sorts of clever things , it's always nice having access to your sync'd files from your phone. While the Dropbox app can download anything the iPhone or a third-party app can display, you can also save key files on your phone as well.

If you like frequent push notifications, you'll probably like Boxcar. Boxcar integrates with Twitter, Facebook, email, RSS, and Growl to grab updates of nearly anything you want and push them to your phone. If you want to be alerted the moment something changes, Boxcar will get the job done. PasteFire and MyPhoneDesktop do the same thing—they aim to make getting text from your desktop to your iPhone a bit easier. Both use push and both integrate with your machine to send content.

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The biggest difference is price: So why mention MyPhoneDesktop? I think it works better. Still, no penalty for trying PasteFire. MyPhoneDesktop is really only worth a look if the free option doesn't cut it for you. Logitech TouchMouse:. If you want to use your iPhone as a wireless trackpad for your Mac or Windows PC, that's precisely what Touch Mouse can help you accomplish.

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It also includes keyboard functionality so you can make use of your iPhone's keyboard to input text. While this is not terribly practical or speedy for use with just any machine, if you have a computer hooked up to your television it's a convenient way to navigate without the clutter of a keyboard and mouse on your couch.

Although it's nearing a year without an update, Apple's Remote app is still pretty incredible. If you want to control your iTunes library remotely, or turn your iPhone into a multi-room wireless remote in the event your have an Airport Express or AppleTV , there's really no better option—especially for free. Air Video and StreamToMe are both apps that help you stream video from your computer to your iPhone, no matter where you are.

They're especially compelling when you want to watch something at, say, the gym and you didn't have time to transcode and sync it to your device first. Whether you're connected to Wi-Fi or 3G, you can stream video directly to your phone from anywhere you are the quality of your connection permitting, of course. Both apps have some subtle differences, such as StreamToMe's ability to stream more than just video and Air Video's option to pre-encode content for easier streaming, and either are worth the price of admission: It's hard to consider any of the iPhone ebook readers the best choice because they're pretty similar.

They all let you read on your phone, they all let you purchase books, and they're all free to download. While I'm partial to the Kindle app, it's mainly because I started with ebooks via the Kindle.

Pick the ebook app that works the best for you—or don't, since they're all free downloads. Yelp has yet to fail me when I'm on a search for some good, nearby eats. It also comes with some semi-secret, fully-nifty augmented reality. If you're looking for nearby food or anything, really , Yelp is a great free way to find your best options. The one thing Yelp won't do is hand you a menu for the restaurants it suggests, and that's where MenuPages comes in. While it can feel a little clunky at times, it's indispensable when you're in need of a menu on the go.

IMDb is a great resources for movie information, and the app does a good job of focusing a lot of information onto your iPhone's small screen. What's also great about the IMDb app is that it also serves as an excellent free option for finding movie showtimes. TV Forecast:.


TV Forecast performs the simple function of keeping track of when the next episode of any show is going to air. Enter in just about any show that's currently running and TV Forecast will provide you with an attractive schedule tailored just for you. While you can always watch Netflix on your jailbroken iPhone with a little work , if you're looking for a way to manage your old-fashioned Netflix queue you can do that nicely with PhoneFlicks.

The functionality here is pretty basic, letting you edit your queue and find new titles through search or browsing, but it gets the job done and doesn't cost you a penny. If you really want to make the most of your iPhone's camera, check out Snapture. In addition to helping you take better photos, you'll also find some basic image editing tools. Snapture's main draw, however, is how easy it makes it to quickly pull out your iPhone and take a picture. Simply open the app, tap the screen, and you've got a photo.

HipstaMatic aims to emulate old cameras and film stocks, providing some pretty compelling results. But be warned: With more than , reviews and an average rating of 4.

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I was surprised—but not that surprised—to find Fantastical 2 recommended over, and over, and over , by other users and other websites. The app also does a great job helping you create events by just how seamless it makes it to use natural language to create new calendar items: There are way too many notes and task management apps on the App Store. Tagging is as easy as adding a hashtag before any word in a note, and linking between notes to provide additional context for an item is an incredibly useful feature. Google Keep or Tasks free are both strong choices, with the former good for notes of all formats and the latter ideal for simple text.

Simplenote free also supports Markdown-based notes and is completely cross-platform. Before Apple goes and replaces its Workflow free app with Shortcuts , download it and check it out. For example. Well, that, and the confines of the app. IFTTT free allows you to create similar kinds of rules for a ton of supported devices and services.

My favorite trick? Odds are good you have a favorite or two, or many that you use, and odds are just as high that said service has an official iOS app you can download. Pick people you want to call at the tap of a finger, customize the widgets you see by the time of day or your location, or set up a section that shows you all of your favorite apps and lets you launch whatever you want faster than it takes to navigate your many Home screen pages. Sure, you could just bookmark websites or share links into Notes, but Pocket brings with it a comprehensive tagging system and a recommendation engine that shows you the most interesting content everyone else has been checking out.

Hey, whatever motivates you to get off your iPhone or iPad and get crap done. You can lock the app with Touch ID, which gives you a little extra protection just in case someone gets their hands on your already-unlocked device. Authy can also automatically back up your various security tokens to the cloud. A majority of mobile users prefer Chrome to Safari, and a very small handful use Firefox. Our advice? Give all three a try and see which you enjoy best.

The Best Journaling Apps

Just like task management apps, there are a sea of messaging apps available on iOS. I also wanted to take a moment to call out WhatsApp. Same deal. There are way too many social networks you can use right now and even new social networks emerging as hopeful alternatives to the social networks. Use them, too. Or not. Or find another network. Start your own. Your call. It happens. And you can set up custom notifications, too.

So, I fully acknowledge that we are likely behind and not recommending the hot new thing all your friends are using to hook up. Still, as far as general recommendations go, I think these three options are all worthy additions to your device. On Bumble freemium , women have the power: Each day, you get a curated list of matches to pick from. Match up, and the app will put you in a direct chat with your special someone and even prompt you with some ideas to get your conversation started.

OKCupid freemium should be a household name by now. You make a witty profile, people find you and express interest. That, or you make a witty profile and go find people that interest you. Either way, love is potentially in the air.