Set custom message ringtone android

How to set an MP3 file as custom ringtone or notification sound on Android

I had specific notifications for each of my contacts and now they are just gone!!!! I hate this update.

How to set custom SMS notifications for contacts using SMS Popup

So stupid I want a new service and a new phone! What idiots….

How to get custom/different SMS notification tone per contact (download the new app now)

Technical support needs to fix all the bullshit!!!! Never been more unhappy with Samsung. Just amazing.

So many things like setting text tones for individuals that could easily be done on an iPhone require installing special apps or following some arcane instructions for an Android.. So untrue.

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Morons… text message tones is no longer in contacts for individual contact settings… Oreo sucks!!! I was able to change the ringtones for message notifications, or so it says. All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation! Phones Phones. You Might Like. Sunday Giveaway.

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How to set Custom Notification sound in any Android phone in Hindi.

Get the Android Authority app on. To get started, you'll need to either download a ringtone or notification sound directly to your Android device, or transfer one from a computer to your device's internal storage.

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To find sound files, some great places to start are Reddit's Ringtones forum , Zedge , or a simple Google search for "ringtone download" from your phone or tablet. Once you've downloaded a sound file, you need to move it to the proper folder on your Android device to use it as your ringtone or notification sound. For this part, you'll need a file browser app.

Any file browser will do the trick, but I'll be using an app named Solid Explorer to demonstrate, which is one of the best options out there. Once you've installed a file browser, open it and head to the Download folder on your internal storage or SD card. From here, long-press the ringtone or notification sound file that you downloaded in Step 1, then tap the "Cut" button at the top of the screen. Next, press your device's back button once to head out to the main SD card or internal storage directory again.

From here, open the Ringtones folder if you're moving a ringtone, or open the Notifications folder if you're moving a notification sound file. Next, tap the "Paste" button to wrap things up, which, for Solid Explorer users, is the circular button near the bottom-right corner.