Iphone apps for assistant directors

It is indispensable for film photography with all manual camera. Measures reflected light, and allows reciprocity calculations. Use your voice to control the scrolling of text with this teleprompter! PromptSmart Pro is the only app to intuitively and automatically follow your words with patent pending speech recognition [ Be off-book, book more work! Want to learn your lines? RoomScan Pro draws floor plans all by itself — just touch each wall with your phone! It draws a floor plan after you tap it against the wall a few [ Shot Lister [ Our easy to use interface lets you build compelling 3D sets and [ Slugline is a minimal, distraction-free environment for the most important part of screenwriting—the writing part.

Slugline [ Create compelling real time pre-visualizations and storyboards of your ideas on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with Storyboard Composer HD. Storyist is a powerful writing environment for iOS that lets you create, review, and revise your work wherever inspiration strikes. With Storyist, you can: Switcher Studio Pro is a free download, but requires a Switcher Studio membership.

Timecode by Panoptik is the most attractive Timecode calculator on the market. It is the only professional choice for performing fast, ultra-precise timecode calculations and film unit [ Untitled instantly turns your notes into a fully formatted screenplay.

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  • 6 Best Apps for Filmmakers: Cinematography.
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Not a screenwriter? Not a problem. All you need is your imagination. From the creator of the 1 screenwriting mobile app, [ Video Crop is the quickest and easiest way to crop videos on the go. Crop your portrait-mode videos into landscape or square formats with just a few taps of the finger. To use the app, simply [ Weekend Read makes reading screenplays on the iPhone delightful, giving users an optimized view that takes best advantage of your retina screen. Hand Held Hollywood explores how your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can aid in nearly every aspect of film and video production.

From filmmaking apps and accessories, to time-saving workflows, this is a destination for those wishing to discuss and discover the latest mobile techniques and technology. Adobe Capture CC. Colorists , Directors , Editors.

Essential Apps for Filmmakers

Adobe Premiere Clip. Directors , Editors. AJA DataCalc. Editors , Visual Effects Artists. Apogee MetaRecorder. Sound Recordists.

The Top 10 Apps for Stage Management

Baby Names. Cine Meter II. Cut Notes. DJI Assistant. Easy Release. Assistant Directors , Producers. FiLMiC Pro. Final Draft Writer. Directors , Screenwriters.

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  • 6 Best Apps for Filmmakers: Cinematography.

Composers , Sound Recordists. Green Screener. Helios Pro. Hindenburg Field Recorder. Horizon Camera. Directors , Producers.

Actors , Casting Directors , Directors , Producers. Luma Photo. Magic Hour. MapAPic Location Scout. Directors , Location Scouts , Producers. MovieSlate 8. Paper by Fifty Three. Pocket Light Meter. PromptSmart Pro. ProPrompter Studio. For iPhone and iPad.

The Job of an Assistant Director

After selecting a camera format and lens grouping, Artemis simulates the field of view of the lens you wish to use. Artemis allows for the saving and sharing of images and recording crucial shot data. There is also a facility to save your own notes alongside each saved image. Available in the Google Play Store. For iPhone, iPad and Android. Using your smartphone camera, Cadrage simulates the framing of any camera and lens setup. Preview shots instantly and get ready to shoot faster.

10 Apps That Will Make You a Better (or more effective) Director

Cadrage has a built-in gallery and project manager to organize your images and add notes to them. From there you can email or upload them to your Dropbox and also create PDF shotlists. Cadrage supports spherical and anamorphic lenses and also the use of Metabones Speedbooster adapters. By simulating real camera and lens combinations it allows you to visualize what you are going to shoot without actually setting up the camera. Because it also saves full-resolution photos, you can even use it as a regular camera.

Visualize your story and create multi-sequence storyboards, camera blocking, and lighting setups on the fly with Celtx Shots.

Put your smartphone and tablet to good use on set with this collection of apps for filmmakers!

Create and edit multi-sequence, multi-shot storyboards. View animation with the built-in Storyboard Player. Backed up to and synchronized with your online Celtx Studio. For iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Free, offers In-App Purchases. Shot Lister — Film Set Schedule Tool for Directors revolutionizes the art of shot listing, anywhere from pre-production to the minute by minute decisions on set.

The app is designed to deliver the only solution that can build, organize; schedule and share shot lists digitally. Easy to use interface lets you build compelling 3D sets and scenes. Everything comes to life when you animate characters, props, cameras, and lighting. Intuitive interface for creating and working on scenes. Ability to use real-time performance in 3D.

Note that this app uses 2. Storyboard Composer is a mobile story boarding application. No need to know how to draw. This app allows you to portray your vision to others in an easy controllable format. Designed for Directors, Directors of Photography, Producers, Writers, Animators, Art Directors, film students and anyone who wants to be able to visualize their story. For iPhone or iPad. StoryBoard Quick Direct turns your iPad into a mobile pre-visualization tool that allows you to create and show off your storyboards and cinematic ideas.