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Still, you can purchase videos in HD up to p. Amazon does TV just as well as it does movies. According to my search , Amazon offers 5, television series to purchase, which is considerably more than any other service in this list. Seems to me like there should be something for everybody in its catalog. You can also get SD episodes for a dollar less. Like with movies, Amazon provides discounts on TV. Additionally, if you already own episodes from a season of a series, you can purchase the rest of the season minus the cost of the episodes you currently own.

Amazon, of course, offers rentals as well. Movie rentals are good for 30 days after the date of purchase, but that's normal.

What makes Amazon stand out here is how long you can continue watching your movie after you've hit play. Amazon ties for the most substantial grace period on this list at 48 hours. That's enough time to get a few more watches in or to let friends and family on your account watch as well.

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When you're downloading an HD movie or show that you've purchased on Amazon, you'll have the option of downloading in SD as well, which can save a lot of space. No extra charges apply for this feature. You have the typical 30 days to watch from the date of purchase, but 14 days after you've begun playback. On Android, you can purchase digital content either in the app, via Amazon's site in a browser, or from select TV devices. For iPhone, it's a little trickier since you can do the same except within the iOS app.

10 Best Apps for Free Movies & TV Shows on Apple TV, iPhone & iPad (UPDATED FOR iOS 12)

Unfortunately, with Amazon, you can't download videos to a computer. You can download on your smartphone or tablet, but if you primarily watch on your PC or Mac, you will have to stream your purchased content. You also cannot use your previously purchased DVDs and Blu-Rays for discounted or free digital copies like you can with other services. Amazon does provide free content, however.

The company usually provides a list of free TV episodes for you to download at your pleasure. These episodes are typically the first in the series, which means you won't miss a thing. When it comes to platform compatibility, Amazon is pretty universal. Amazon Prime Video does not officially support Chromecast, but Android users can still view the content by casting their phone's screen through the Google Home app while playing the video in the Amazon Prime Video app.

However, you can skirt all of these platform restrictions by connecting your Amazon library to Movies Anywhere. It's likely you use Amazon Prime for your shopping needs already, and if you do, you gain even more movie and TV options with its Prime Video service. Even if you don't subscribe to Prime, Amazon's media marketplace is an excellent spot for anyone looking to catch up on their shows or settle in for movie night. Vudu is Walmart's entry in the streaming and downloadable media space. While its ownership doesn't have the tech pedigree of companies like Amazon or Apple, Vudu was founded and created smack-dab in the middle of Silicon Valley before being purchased by the retailer in As a result of this mishmash upbringing, Vudu has quite a few unique features that set it apart from the other names on our list.

It's tricky to figure out how many titles Vudu offers for purchasing. At this time, the company has not responded to our request for numbers, but JustWatch points to 23, titles available. HD movies are typically labeled as "HDX," a proprietary codec which helps ensure that movies are seen at a full 24 frames per second with 5. However, HDX movies have the same actual resolution as their HD counterparts, and the benefits of HDX apply more to streaming content than downloaded content.

Like Amazon, Vudu offers special deals, most notably bundles. While Vudu does support UHD, it does not offer this quality tier on smartphones.

How to make your iPhone videos look like Hollywood movies

Users looking for a 4K movie experience on their phones will have to look elsewhere. You can buy UHD movies in the Android app, but you will not be able to watch in 4K unless you do so from a computer. On the other hand, iPhone users can't even buy movies in the app but need to do so in a web browser first or on another compatible device. Vudu also has a respectable TV catalog, albeit a bit small. JustWatch has Vudu's library at 3, series , which is just over half of what Amazon offers.

Unlike Amazon, you can't rent TV series, but you can rent movies. The prices don't quite go as low as they do on Amazon, but are still similar to other services.

Purchased HD content can be downloaded in SD without paying any extra, should you decide you'd like to save some storage space. This app has a huge collection of public domain content. But it has a lot of classic material that can still be very entertaining. It claims to have the largest library of free films. Plus, there are hundreds of short documentaries from the s and '50s that are pretty weird, such as "How to Be Well Groomed" and "What to Do on a Date.

This collection of ad-supported movies is more apt to have movies from recent decades. More recent movies are typically available for a set period and then expire, to be replaced by new titles. There are regular commercial interruptions during the movies, which is the tradeoff for free content. Caligari , F. Other offerings include film noir and cartoons. Viki has a large selection of international movies and TV shows, mostly from Korea and China, but also other countries such as Japan, India, and the U.

The app also has a selection of TV shows. TV series from the U. Apple to patch privacy bug in video calling feature. Is Apple working on an affordable version of the iPad? Choose your reason below and click on the Report button.

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